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Trevor Stines

trevorTrevor Stines was born in Olympia, WA and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. We asked him what was his overall goal and why he chose his occupation as an actor / model.  He  has so much ambition to never stop chasing his passions and works hard to support those who have supported him.

Trevor is interested in modeling because he felt that modeling was a great way to meet new people in a new city and learn as much as he could about the entertainment industry as an actor. He never really thought of  “modeling” but because he was able to create the opportunity for himself, he did not want to turn down the experience.

There are times he mentioned about how he finds motivation when he is feeling down and discouraged. He said he looks for motivation in his friends and family so he is surrounded with the love and support he receives from them. He feels that knowing there are people out there who believe in him, causes him to achieve his goals and pushes him to give it his all to make them proud.

When he deals with adversity and challenges in his life he prioritizes his tasks and gears himself towards fitness activities. If he cannot be around family and friends he is engaged at the gym where it really helps him clear his head and become more in tune with being goal oriented. His advice to people is to focus on daily tasks and finding the best ways to accomplishing those tasks for bigger and better things.  Having Trevor apart of our G community is such a great pleasure because of his determination to succeed and spread the awareness that WE HOLD THE G!

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