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Screen_Shot_2015-04-20_at_12.22.58_PM_largeTim has been a rock for me during the times when I was overwhelmed from producing fashion weeks, coast to coast, hosting my first exclusive private event for WEHOLDTHEG, to being overwhelmed with my father overcoming cancer, and finally moving to Miami from Los Angeles after 7 years from a city I was able to build what I have today. Two of my own businesses that have yet to hit their maximum potential. Tim has many businesses of his own as well, he began 15 years ago in North Miami. His most recent business I am honored to support and help improve is It’s a luxury online booking site that only searches for the health conscious resorts/hotels. Tim and I both believe there is a reason the law of attraction worked in our favor. Tim and I met in one of the most memorable unique ways that it makes it hard to explain but easy to fall in love with. It all started from when I did not know his name on our first date. The night we met was at Casey’s birthday party one of Tim’s best friends but one of my best friend’s is a mutual friend of Casey’s. I pretty much was guilted into go out. When Tim and I first saw each other he had a date with him. Yes, it is so strange but yet the best thing that could have ever happened was to the both of us meeting. After I gave my card to later on finding out Tim was his name, the back of my card was what made him text me for the first time. There was a quote on it from Napoleon Hill.  Tim is my best friend, he doesn’t give up on me when I lose my grip. Moving to Miami has been life changing. With Tim and I, our friendship goes both ways, I use his strengths and calmness to imply them into my life. Tim enjoys and is inspired by my quirkiness and enthusiasm. He recognizes my intuition to now attract the law of vibration though the body and sound from infinite intelligence.  Let’s just say he gets me. He also understands the value to “Do what you feel is your Genius”TM.

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