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Le Castello, Italia

Teresa is a cousin of mine from Cutro, Italy my hometown. Teresa and I communicate through Wi-fi thanks to Australian radio astronomer Dr. John O’Sullivan and his colleagues for creating this technology. We both have recently experienced losing an honorable man in our hometown, my Zio Caesar as well as her grandfather.  My Zio owned a steel company in Italy and provided many things to the small town. Growing up I always remembered my Zio being the first to agree to pick my family and I up from any airport we landed in. He was always reliable on time and genuine. I believe my cousin Tersea and I have a special connection through her father and my brother Frank. Growing up my brother was always with Teresa’s family. I will never forget the time her mother and father also known as my cousins visiting America for the first time. Sabrina (Teresa’s mom) was always a friend to me and Salvatore (Teresa’s dad) was always teaching us all how to use the internet so that we can stay in touch. Tersea comes from a family of Genius and understands gratitude.  Now that G has made it to Italy we hope for our little G Tersea can make it to America!

IT: Cugina della Fondatrice Rosy Muto, Teresa fotografa non solo se stessa ma anche altri sostenitori locali di WEHOLDTHEG di Cutro, Italia, la città natia di Rosy.

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