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Founder Rosy Muto has spoken to students all over the United States. Rosy shares her personal experiences and stories that have led her creating very notable success in her own life starting after school with only $80 in her pocket and a couch to live on. Now she is known as a celebrity stylist, business owner, and a top producer in the industry. Rosy works with many of the most influential celebrities and productions around the world. Rosy has the ability to connect with and inspire her audiences through her unique energetic speaking style and humble personality.

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Testimonials 2016

“Rosy’s energy was through the roof exciting, she connected with me as a fashion design student to believe in myself that it is possible to create something from nothing and make it big. I also volunteered to work with Rosy at fashion week and learned so much more through the experience than I could ever learn in a classroom! Thank you Rosy for changing my perspective on life!”  Carla Santiago (FIT Student) New York, NY .
“Rosy is an enthusiastic, driven woman who effortlessly lights up any room. She has a unique style of encouraging and motivating others, leading by example and constantly pushing herself and her team to the next level. Rosy has a powerful energy that brings out the best in those around her. Her spiritual awareness allows her to awaken one’s true purpose and ignite passion in one’s professional work, personal relationships, and overall lifestyle. Rosy is a unique leader who adds value to any project or situation, and she prides herself on curating philosophies and attitudes that become the gifts that keep on giving.” – –Ryan Schaffer (Entrepreneur) Los Angeles, CA 
“Rosy has the unique ability to be clear, genuine and passionate all at the same time. As someone who is an educator by trade, I believe these skills are non- negotiables when speaking to children and young adults. You simply cannot communicate with kids effectively without these skills. Rosy’s ability to communicate a powerful message and inspire action is infectious. You can’t help but take a piece of her, and her message, with you into the trials and tribulations of life. She will absolutely make your life better in the time you have together. I highly recommend her as a speaker!”  –Allison Sutter, M. Ed. (creator of the Accelerate Your Mojo Formula, a best selling author, and a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach) Chicago, Illinois 
“Rosy has changed AEI’s Artist Development Dept by 360 Degrees… We have been developing talented artists for over 12 years now and Rosy has taken all of our talent to another level of professionalism… We truly recommend Rosy Muto to any and all Artists and Companies who are looking for the next plateau! Thats how great she is!”  –Bruce Sterling (CEO/President) Los Angeles, CA 
“We Hold The G has inspired me to take hold of my inner genius and chase after my dreams. This line is inspirational and has such an amazing purpose in our current society and for our younger generation. As We Hold The G preaches on self empowerment and individuality our younger generations need to learn that social media and being like everyone else is blocking the beautiful story they have inside them. We Hold The G strives to let that story be told.” –Koaniani Ano’i (High fashion model) Los Angeles, CA
I’ve known Rosy for long time and for all the time I know her, she is this positive, upbeat, inspiring figure to everyone around her. I am so glad that this day finally come that she share part of her not just with close friends but with the world! To me, WeHoldTheG carries an unyielding drive to succeed and unyielding drive to love.  Of course there will be obstacles, of course there will be setbacks, and sometimes even heartbreaking moments, but she will always have faith and determination, she will always inspire people around her, and she will eventually overcome and shine. May this inspire more and more young minds to reach success and love! –Kai He Co-Founder, The LA Fashion Magazine