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Los Angeles, California

My oldest brother Lou and I came across a movie back in 2008 called “Never Back Down” that starred Sean Faris. At the time I had no idea who Sean Faris was but was so inspired by the movie that I wrote down in my journal to follow the rules and principles I learned during the film never back down. Once I began to structure myself as a celebrity stylist, I went back into my journal and thought to myself it would be cool to meet the guy from “Never back down” Sean Faris.  A year later in 2009 I was working for Armani exchange and was asked to assist hosting a GQ event for Armani Exchange and escort the feature celebrity for that season A|X hires.  I did not think twice of it that it was “thee” Sean Faris from my favorite film. Once I was introduced to Sean we became acquainted during the event and played the role of being in the Hollywood scene where I was the stylist and he actually was the celebrity.  During the event Sean was cracking jokes about the hole system which made light of my night.  Once the event was over we never spoke or seen each other again , until one day on runway canyon in 2014. I spotted Sean and my intuition told me it was someone I knew. I shouted out Sean’s name behind his back to see if he would turn and then he did! He looked at me as if I was familiar as well.  It click where I remembered him from the 2009 GQ event.  We instantly picked up right from where we left off. I began to explain how much I  have grown in the fashion industry. I invited Faris and his friends to my fashion events I produces, directs and manages.  Once I told him about WEHOLDTHEG he became excited to see it grow. I am very grateful to have connected with a humble and sincere person I now call my friend.  I truly believe in the law of manifestation was put into action after writing down my goal to work with such an inspiration in my life.

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