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Los Angeles, California

When I was introduced to Ryan almost 8 years ago in California by my best friend Troy who took me in during a time where I had no place to live in South Jersey. That situation was due to a mis communication with my old roommates who then threatened me to pay more or get out. Troy was the kind of guy that was very selective to who he called his friends. With that said, I knew Ryan would be a loyal and geniune friend. Ryan and I have remained best friends ever since the day we met as ping pong winners. One year later I asked Ryan to be my “valentine friend date” to the Pheed house where Miley Cyrus hangs out and another good friend Tony Deniro who welcomed us.  The party was for couples only but driving up Mulholland drive listening to Drake “started from the bottom”, Ryan and I are now making our dreams a reality as entrepreneurs. Ryan sold a company he started called RelationUp, an app that give relationship advice by mentors. Troy moved back to the east coast became a lawyer is now married and started a beautiful family.  I am grateful to have had the adversity I did at the time to meet the friends I will never forget.

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