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Los Angeles, California

Roxy and I met through a mutual friend named Aaron who ran a model agency. Aaron had booked Roxy as the make up artist for the shoot and myself as the stylist. Roxy and I continued booking gigs together and thought by asking Roxy some questions about her goals would help all those who believe in the creative industry how to get started.  

Q: What desired you to get into you occupation?

A: What desired me to get into my occupation is the passion and love for beauty. Not just on the surface but the beauty that lies within. It is a true accomplishment when I can make an individual project their inner feelings and connections with their outer beauty.

Q: How long have you been working towards your goal and what are some of your accomplishments? What is your title?

A: I have been pursuing my goal since I started in the beauty Industry, I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years. Some of my greatest accomplishments are due to my hard work, persistency and dedication in the field. I’ve had the honor to be introduced to many celebrity clients, production managers, directors, designers, and top educator in the beauty, entertainment and fashion world.

Q: What is your definiteness purpose in life? What do you aspire to overcome and be in the future?

A: My definite purpose in life is to help make this world a better place, I aspire to pull trough a Fashion Show and Music Entertainment production for the floating villages in South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand) Peru, Uganda etc. who are in desperate need for clean drinking water.

Instagram @roxygarvan

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