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Road Trip to Harvey Moy’s


The experience to Harvey Moy’s in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin was another awakening for my spiritual well-being. Harvey taught me the Chinese version to infinite intelligence through channeling our master’s voices through the soul. Harvey saw I had an old soul and told me a little more about myself. He told me things I didn’t even know I had control over. He spoke about the 5 benefits of channeling our master and type of masters there are. They are water, metals, wood, fire, and earth. Depending on the month you were born, the year, and time will determine which intelligence you are gifted to share naturally with the world. Being an OX Harvey told me I am very independent and I will be sharing my gift of Clairsentience with the world. Clairsentient is the ability to sense the past, present, and future physically or emotionally of the state of others. I feel that the WE HOLD THE G movement aligns very well with my purpose to help others. As I become stronger within I become more tenacious for helping others.

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