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Miami Beach, Florida

I met successful entrepreneur Mayra Veronica 7 years ago when I was booked to style Mayra at Milk Studios. Our clientele has developed into such a strong friendship where we have cried together, laughed together, and travel together. We traveled to places like London, Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, and French Rivera. I will never forget when we backed packed through Europe for a self fulfilling trip hand sanitizing not only our hands but also our noses!  Mayra packed all her Louie Vuitton luggage and jimmy choo shoes. With that being said, we ended up switching carry on’s to catch all the trains because we had to run for it!  I packed much lighter knowingly due to my experiences to Europe all my life.  I had my black jean back pack and a small 4 wheeler suitcase. We had a strategy after we missed the first train. Mayra would get on the train first as I would jog along side of the train to launch her luggage onto the train to her. Then I would run for my life to jump into the train after it would start to move faster! Needless to say Mayra and I always have such a fun time together as well as accomplish the goals we set for our careers and ourselves. I am so grateful we have the bond that we do.
We continue our journey through life with gratitude.

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