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Toronto, Canada

Aussie at heart, Canadian at hand, Marnie Kay once said she would follow the summer months around the world and now she does. Marnie is on a mission to share the idea of a world where women empower women through education and stories of strength, courage, inspiration and belief. I met Marnie via Skype for an interview she was doing with me about her best selling book “Belief is the new Black” which details her experience and wow what a discovery! Marine and I laughed the entire time sharing our insane stories and began to create a new cyber friendship if you will. Marine says if you want to change your life for the better take a small step forward and the belief will come. Yet we both agree that our true greatness can only come from within.  Marine and I have yet to meet face to face but I bet when we do, it will be a connection that will last a life time.


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