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Screen_Shot_2015-04-20_at_12.24.27_PM_largeBorn in Minnesota and raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Justin discovered at an early age an understanding and passions for the arts . At 6, his mother, father and older brother marveled as he made his stage debut. Following, Years of professional and community theatre enhanced his training. Which all explains his addicting personality! Justin now lives and works in Los Angeles, with more than 75 productions under his belt. When I first met Justin he actually was my boss. He hired me as a promotional model for Midori liquor. Our first day on the job we were hanging out at the pool party where I was passing out snow cones with liquor in them to adults. Justin and I have developed an amazing friendship over the years. Any time I needed a gig during the time I was working on my career he was always looking out for me. He introduced me to such a wonderful group of his friends and even to celebrity stylist Daniel Musto to assist in my beginning stages of celebrity styling. Traveling back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles, Justin and I always pick up right where we left off! His amazing english bulldog Bella, and Jackson their boxer who rest’s in peace we have shared the loss of our babies. Both girls are the sweetest.  There was a time Justin, JT and I were roommates and I would babysit the dogs/girls. Walking Jackson was a breeze but man Justin’s baby was high energy! She would pull me around like a rag doll but both babies were the best to cuddle with.  Jackson however thought she was a small dog and would take up my entire bed which was the couch and would lay literally on top of me. All the times I got to spend at Justin’s with JT a.k.a Uncle JT who sponsored the first WEHOLDTHEG private estate launch party for Red Bull. I could not be any more grateful than to have these two in my life. The best of energy, the funniest times I have shared and even times when we have all cried together. This friendship will last a lifetime in my heart. With lots of love and infinite gratitude Justin & JT.

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