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Artistic Director @CristianBueno created the first Slogan G’ Tee after Founder@RosyMuto gave him the verbal idea behind the brand, he presented a design that reaches out to a “Varsity All Star” type cast. High energy, full of enthusiasm and most of all something we all can relate to. It all starts with how we are conditioning ourselves; WEHOLDTHEG believes that it is important to teach the right philosophy that “whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” quoted by the great Napoleon Hill. This is why education is one of the most important factor’s for us!



The WHTG Cross logo was made to resemble a compass. The inspiration came from Rosy’s passion of global travel to places like Thailand crossing the Mekong River,Cambodia, Phi Phi Island, Phnom Penh, Italy, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Wisconsin, New York  amongst many other ventures around the world. Rosy mentioned to Cristian how she hasn’t found a place to call home yet. Cristian took it upon himself to present a design that meant“secure yourself in the direction that you’re going.” He was inspired to create a new relation to the compass signifying that we all can experience a life of adventure based on what we make of it.



Rosy works directly with her team to ensure the consistency of the brand. As a world traveler and inspirational entrepreneur , Rosy and Cristian have teamed up to share the same inspiration with the rest of the world by creating this new motivational apparel line WEHOLDTHEG!

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