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Cody Saintnew with Little sis Maddison

55After a day of walking around on Rodeo drive with Cody and his little sis Madison, I learned a lot about Cody and his propose to inspire those around him. His love for his sister so admirable and reminded me when I was growing up. Looking up to my older brothers and their friends taught me a great deal about the real world we live in. Cody is always helping people realize how special they are. Cody supports the G brand for the simple fact that we aspire to be real and motivational. We want to spread the new movement that G isn’t for gangster associated with something negative, but it’s G for Genius because we all have it from within.  Finding our purpose isn’t that easy, so when we go through adversity we create solutions to overcome them. Those adversities are what makes us who we are today!

Follow Cody / WeholdtheG  and stay inspired @CodySaintnew @WEHOLDTHEG #DowhatyoufeelisyourGenius

Much Love,

Rosy Muto // Founder


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