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Toronto, Canada

I met Chris Messenger in Toronto, Canada during a Bob Proctor seminar that I was so grateful to attend.  Bob Proctor was from the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and Chris has spent countless hours traveling the world with Bob assisting people to understand the mind to ultimately improve the quality of their life. When I spoke to Chris he talked about the success of his book “Think it Write it Live it” which is a personal development journal that transforms your life. After the seminar was over, Chris and I from time to time give each other good advice via Facebook. He gave me advice about my past relationship when I needed it most. His relationship with his lovely girlfriend inspired me to have faith.  He supports the G movement as it aligns with his purpose to help others create success as we instill it in others. Chris continues to help others as well as myself to stay motivated by all his inspirational videos he posts. I am so grateful that Chris and I are able to remain friends and supportive to each others work.



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