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Los Angeles, California

 Cheraya is one of my most reliable players on the G team. She is always ahead of schedule, pre organized, and ready to execute. Cheraya approached me during one year that I was producing at style fashion week. I asked her a few questions about her desires and occupation. Her answers were so impressive and she was so passionate about trying to start somewhere. I wanted to help Cheraya build hers career with great joy. I took it upon myself to create a position for her as a PR for Jrpros LLC.

What desired you to get into your occupation?

I wanted to be in PR since high school and I didn’t even realize it.  I was so involved in everything in my school and my community, and it was the actual teams I was on that I realized I had been doing PR related projects in everything I was involved in.  Marketing and networking come naturally and I enjoy the type of person I have become because of this industry.

How long have you been working towards your goal and what are some of your accomplishments? What is your title?

I still think I am far from reaching my goals but I have made tremendous accomplishments in my life that I know I will always be successful.  Some of my accomplishments include: being the first in my family to graduate from a university and helping start an incredible business with an amazing team- JR Pros.  Through JR Pros I have been able to create my title as a Publicist.

What is your definiteness purpose in life?  What do you aspire to overcome and be in the future?

I have actually struggled with this question before- what is my purpose in life?  I look around me at the beautiful people that support me and the unlimited experiences I have been blessed to live through and I, with a doubt, believe my purpose in life is to help others around me with my optimistic spirit.  I am naturally empathetic towards individual’s situations and emotions and that has helped me learn about the beauty in life as well as how to support others through their life situations.  I aspire to be an inspiration to others in whatever it is that they see fit of me.

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