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Miami, Florida

Casey is a new friend of mine from Miami, Florida. I met Casey on his birthday September 5, 2014 the year I had unexpectedly moved to Miami due to an X boyfriend and my optimistic mind that I can create something from nothing. During the time I met Casey I was living alone with a view of the bay, and no furniture other than T.V dinner tables I turned into my desk and a very expensive mattress. The transition has been hard from LA, to MI. I called an old high school friend of mine Farley who went to college in Miami and is very successful with his occupation. Farley insisted that I come to Casey’s birthday dinner at epic to meet great people and move forward from the past. That night I met such a wonderful group of people and am now dating one of Casey’s best friend Tim. I am so grateful for this entire experience because now I have attracted a man that has become my best friend, mentor and gym partner with not only Tim but also Casey. Casey is a big supporter wearing the G gear. He represents being a G for Genius on a daily basis because Casey is one to pay it forward in multiplies, he seriously is every mans “best man”.

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