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Ashley Meola “My inner G Moment”

My inner Genius moment!

Sometimes the most difficult times we experience, are the ones we put ourselves through. There’s no voice that can be more powerfully destructive towards oneself than our very own.

My names Ashley Meola, 25 years old from New Jersey and I can honestly say the most monumental moment that completely changed my outlook on life entirely, was when I made the choice to taken control of my weight. I would consider this decision the one that took everything I had to channel my inner G which in turn completely allowed more positivity to welcome itself into my life.

I managed to push myself to lose 50 pounds and lost negative feelings and outlooks along with it. I gained confidence, self love and the ability to truly put myself in other shoes. I lost all negative judgements towards others on their journey through life all while on my journey to lose weight. It was an incredible awakening not only for my heart but my soul. I somehow ended up feeling more complete the more I let go of the baggage that weighed down any sort of positivity.

We Hold The G is truly the perfect phrase to associate not only with my journey with but everyone’s that walks with us through life. I held the inner genius to fulfilling my soul by taking something as simple as losing weight and channeling the positive energy allowing it to manifest and grow. I created an Instagram that received message after message about how I’ve inspired others just by posting my progress along the way.

I realized, the more positive I was towards myself, the more positive things were able to find their way towards me. If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t…but if you tell yourself you can, over and over again…and fight for it, you’ll start to believe it and once you believe it, you achieve it. This was My Inner G moment in life. I couldn’t be any more proud of myself, not only for accomplishing the weight loss, but accomplishing a brighter more positive outlook on life. I have faith in not only myself, but all things. We Hold The G and together we can conquer anything that life throws an us.

Much Love,




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